Network of the pilgrimes of Marienberg

Version Française Ici

During a pilgrimage to Marienberg on Saturday 16th March 2013, the Reverend father Jean-Pierre BATOUM came up with what is today called Le Réseau les Pèlerins de Marienberg (the Network of the pilgrimes of Marienberg).

It is a question of bringing together all Cameroonians around the problematic of Marienberg. In reality, the Pallotin Fathers on 8th December 1890 consacreted Cameroon to the Virgin Mary under the title of Queen of the Apostles, making her the matron of Cameroon.

As such Marienberg is not only the cradle of Catholicism in Cameroon but equally a source of blessings to all who live on the Cameroon territory, without any distinction of race, country nor religion. It shows clearly to us that Marienberg is one of the Symboles if not the principal architect of the unity of our nation.

That is why :

  • All the Catholic faithfuls of Cameroon are called upon to be concious of the fact that Marienberg is a National Sanctuary where we are supposed to meet as individuals, family, group, association, parish, diocese etc at least one a year.
  • All Cameroonian christians are called upon to look towards Marienberg to meet the Mother of Jesus and Mother of all the disciples of Jesus and all who belong to Christ.
  • All believers of Cameroon are invited to turn towards Marienberg to honour the mother of believers firstly as Mary was a faithful servant of Jesus Christ before being his mother.
  • All those who live in Cameroon are invited to go to Marienberg, which is a source of grace and blessings for the nation and for all those who live there.

According to the words of Prophet Aggée 1, 1-15, the Lord made an address: to all who were gathered there on the birth of the Réseau des Pèlerins de Marienberg,

« The second year of King Darius, the sixth month, the first day of the month, the word of God was addressed by the Minister of prophet Aggée to Zorobabel, son of Shealtiel, governor of Juda and to Joshua, son of Yehoçadaq, the high priest in these words: As says the Lord Sabaot. This people say: “It is not yet time to rebuild the temple of God!” Is it therefore the moment for you to stay in your electrified houses, when that house is devastated? Now, the lord Sabaot speaks. Consider your ways. You have sown much and bring in little; you have eaten, but Think deeply in your hearts on the way you have taken! You have sown a lot but harvested a little; you have eaten, but not to your satisfaction; you have drunk, but not in excess; you are well dressed, but not warm. The salary earner has earned his salary to keep him fine! That says the Lord Sabaot. Go on to the mountain, bring wood and arrange the house; I will then put my joy and glory there – said the Lord; you looked for much and it came little. When you harvested, I poured blessings on it, why then? Oracle of the Lord Sabaot. Why? Because of my house which has been destroyed, meanwhile you are harvying to your houses. That is why the heaven has withheld the rains and the earth has also withheld its products. I have called for drought on the earth, on the mountains, on wheat, on new wine, on fresh oil and on all products on earth; on men and on animals and on all your labour.

Or Zorobabel, son of Shealtiel, Joshua, son of Yehoçadaq, the high priest and the rest of the people listened to the voice of the Lord, their God and the words of prophet Aggée, according to the mission that the Lord gave him. And the people will show fear before the Lord. And the Lord will exode the spirit of Zorobabel, son of Shealtiel, governor of Juda, the spirit of Joshua, son of Yehoàadaq, the high priest and the spirit of the rest of the people: they came and did the work of the Lord in the temple of Sabaot. It was the 24th day of the sixth month ».

Everyone shall be allowed to be touched by this text of the Lord. On that day, we understood that, if the Lord did not build the houses, that is to say Cameroon, the builders will work in vain. If we don’t give our time, our intelligence, our live to God, we are working for nothing. It is time to give again the first place in our lives to God by coming together so that Marienberg regains its original status: source of blessings to all in Cameroon.

Reverend father Jean-Pierre BATOUM